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Thread: Dec. Give it a 100,50,30,20...challenge

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    I'm finally back!

    I knew when I started this that at some point in my teaching semester, my writing time would get swallowed up by work and I'd disappear, but I consider it a moderate success that that I didn't happen until December 7th and that I only lost two weeks of writing.

    I completed #74 today - just 30 minutes, but something. I'm exhausted from grading and Christmas stuff, and on Monday, I will leave to spend a week with my family, so my last day of writing for the year will probably be then. I'm about 15 days behind where I expected to be at this point, so it looks like I won't be able to finish my 100 times before January, but I'm still SO glad I set this goal. It has helped so much.

    Nswef, congrats on your 58 times of steps and Chicken Lady, I hope you're enjoying your time with your mom.

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    Congratulations EJ. I'm sure if you had not set the challenge you would not have had as much success. My steps have dropped significantly...but I am working on it! Day 59 today and perhaps...get to 60 before the new year! A very achievable goal. I'm thinking of doing a writing goal. I am impressed with your success and think it would make a difference in finishing something! I have lots of rough drafts but nothing finished.

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