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Thread: Being fat = being a failure as a person?

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    I went back and read the link which I somehow missed on the first pass. I don't even know what that show is. It is sad indeed that we shame each other for such things as being heavy. Old adage - if you can't say anything nice...

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    The blog post is very sad. Im lucky enough to fall within the range accepted as a reasonable size, and that doesnt stop me feeling better about myself on days when my jeans are looser. My MIL can judge my weight to the ounce, and constantly comments on it. There are days when I feel hurt - and its so irrational! Im the same person at 126 and 132lb - my range.

    The thing that really bothers me is this insistence on visible fat as a marker of personal worth and moral value. A person can be st the low end of normal weight and still be metabolically obese. Even thin athletic types can be diabetic - and, sadly, may go undiagnosed till the disease is far advanced because their doctors have the tight mental association between visually fat and diseased.

    My mother and one sister are obese. Ive heard some shocking things - like my mother getting a severe chest infection and getting a hairy lecture on her weight before being grudgingly given a prescription for antibiotics. Like my sister being lectured about her fat and her need to diet and exercise when she went in with stomach pain. She had an ectopic pregnancy. Ive been with them in public places where strangers openly stared and made insulting remarks. A friend, whose blood pressure and lipid panels are excellent, and who runs two marathons a year, is regularly the target of people driving past in their cars, as well as the recipient of diet-and-exercise from the same doctor who regularly compliments her on her health markers.

    What if all of us were to be judged by our health markers? Would the supermodel whos a TOFI be ridiculed? After all, shes FAT, possibly even metabolically OBESE! Would my fat friend who is metabolically healthy and physically active become a role model despite her ample rolls of flesh?

    I saw a documentary on obese people that examined the family members. The image most starkly burned into my memory is that of the obese boy in a family where the other kids were normal weight. MRI showed that the skinny younger brother had abdominal fat of 30% - he was metabolically obese. I would have described this boy as thin - as in slightly underweight, a tad scrawny.

    Given the evidence that obesity has been part of the human condition for about 35,000 years, ita time that fat stopped being an insult.

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