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The courts handled custody issues for a cat in the first lesbian divorce in Massachusetts so they can have jurisdiction in pet matters. I would think better to specify what you want than let lawyers get rich because you didn't, draining part of your estate.
But does a homemade will prevent lawyers fighting? I dont know, but I wouldnt make assumptions.

My friend spins talk about what she wants: friend B to live in her house until all of her pets die, then sell the house.

well, that is lovely but naive. There is a mortgage on my friends house. How does she think that will be paid? I am sure our state’s intestate laws call for my friend's assets to go to her brother. Will her brother honor her lovely
plan? I sincerely doubt it. Why would he agree to piss away the assets payong a mortgage so that dogs could live there for a decade?

If she really wants this complex plan to be successful she needs to work with an attorney.