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Thread: and now he is cancelling my plans,...

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    I am done with this, and thank you for understanding why I talked so much here. I got an email around 2, after I emailed his supervisor asking to hear from him. It included the 5 things that I needed to include in order to have my proposal approved. If I get them this information by Friday I can still hold my training on the 19th.

    I did over 5 trainings last year in mindfulness open to the entire staff of our department and was not asked to provide any proposal. The last thing I sent him was at least a week ago, knowing it was incomplete, and asking for some feedback before I finished it. I had no response from that (and was short staffed, morning person quit, one staff with strep and one staff out 3 shifts with the flu). I have no problem providing the information to prove I was doing high quality training, just give me that information and maybe don't lie that you talked to me. Hey the kicker was that I got a brief phone call from him and I told him I was not available tonight due to a camp planning meeting with staff. He asked what that was, my answer was a little short. It is where you PLAN CAMP, a regular activity for us. He said my camp is cancelled and I will be running a camp at another site and the planning meeting with those staff is at 9:30 in the morning. I told him I have a conflict at that time, it is on my Outlook calendar that we use for work and everyone has access to. He at least said this time that he will tell them I can't be there instead of telling me to cancel!

    The conclusion is I waited until I was calmer, sent a 5 sentence email saying that I am reconsidering my training on the 19th, but I will get them the information by Friday. I asked for support in the form of timely feedback and possible encouragement for going above and beyond my job category. My providers are very interested in this so I want to do it, however I am not going to beg permission to do extra. I am not sure what they are thinking, I am not asking for a personal favor or to do something substandard, I don't get credit, I don't get extra pay,

    I really really want to start my own program while I still have a good reputation in the the field locally. I don't have the resources right now to get through the time when you don't have a good income and build up a program. I am already doing everything anyway.

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    This reminds me of a short story I read once, wherein an employee, endeavoring to the best job possible, worked harder and harder, faster and faster, until he finally stuck a broom up his backside so he could sweep the floor at the same time. Kudos to you for your work ethic.

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