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Thread: spells and such

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    spells and such

    Okay I think I am officially doing spells. It is way more comfortable and natural than I thought to cross over into Buddhist Witch territory. I have a background doing some strange candle and incense stuff in a Christian tradition many years ago so the basics of a ritual or spell are familiar to me. I have written my own very short phrases and worked in other elements. The first real spell I did was more protection and I drew a celtic knot as part of it. That felt really nice. Then I put in the Buddhist flavor in not including anything that I think would cause harm, most of what I have read is really working on things in yourself anyway.

    Interesting that one of my teachers has said that sometimes meditating isn't enough and encourages additional things such as therapy when appropriate. I am so tired of being in my head and in words that having objects and colors and smells seems to be working on other areas of me.

    With the thread on solstice I thought there may be some others who do similar things and wanted to just chat.

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    Hi Zoe girl. Solstice is more of a reflective, solitary holiday for me. I like to celebrate the whole “Yule season” with a lot of things that cross traditions - all the plant and nature based things that were co-opted by Christianity, foods, decorating a tree, the gifting of gifts the stuffing of stockings... dh and I were both raised Christian so those are our childhood memories, although his parents are more “western cultural” Christians and mine are the real deal “virgin birth rose from the dead” church service type.

    we get together every year with dear friends who are catholic to sing, so I get to enjoy the music I loved as a child without (as one of these catholic friends puts it - meant with humor) “risking going into a church and bursting into flames”

    i’m not sure how I feel about “magic” or “prayer” although I talk to the supernatural both in my head and out loud.

    Anyway, for me, having a fire to focus my intentions and contemplate letting go and new beginnings and growth and turning toward light is a really important element. Sometimes I literally feed things into the fire, and sometimes only mentally. Rarely does anyone join me.

    i’m feeling torn this year because i’ve been invited to a potluck “holiday” party with people I enjoy and want to get to know better - but it is on solstice.

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