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Thread: Quoth the Voters, Never Moore

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    the current scandals are the result of people putting party before reason, or being manipulated, or giving excuses to people who should not be excused. I know many people who still attend a Roman Catholic Church and give them money and there were numerous pedophiles the church passed around to new victims, knowingly abetting the most despicable and illegal behavior. Truly disgusting and deplorable. jFK was no saint. Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton was reported to be quite the charismatic womanizer. And what about these female teachers who have sex with their students? Surely many of these things did not exist in a vacuum.
    Almost every woman I know can report instances where they were shamed, inappropriately touched or worse. Some as children, the worst crime, but many as teens and young adults. And some men have come out as well.

    The unfortunate things about Moore were his disregard for the rule of law, besides the sex stuff, yet 49%of the vote went to him. I just don’t get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    Roy Moore is a vapid caricature of a politician with an abysmal record as a human being. His defeat wonít be mourned by Republicans. As my dad would have said, ďHe donít have the brains enough to come in out of the rain.Ē When he whipped out that shiny revolver to prove his undying love for the 2nd amendment, it showed how truly screwy his notion of politics is. Around here, if you carry a firearm concealed, you are welcome to visit a gun store but you better damn well keep it concealed or someone might make you into Swiss cheese for brandishing it unnecessarily. He can ride off into the sunset with his cowboy hat and Iíll be the first one to kick his horse in its ass. Steve Bannon included.

    He can't ride well ... He needs to be riding the Walmart "Quarter Horse"

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