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Thread: Speaking of bikes--any recommendations?

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    Hi catherine, I bought a used beach cruiser at our Salvation Army for $70.00. I absolutely love it. It's got a foot brake, and with the way it's designed, you can sit up straight. I take mine on the bus, too. It's a little bit heavy to lift on to the bike rack, but doable. I also had a mountain bike that I bought at Walmart. It was inexpensive, and a great little bike. It was nice and light. The hand brakes are easy to use. Unfortunately, mine got stolen at the train station. Have fun on you bicycle, whatever you get.

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    I would like to echo the recommendations for a hybrid or a cruiser bike that will give you a bigger view of the road or path. At the risk of sounding silly, attaching a short pole of 3 or 4 feet with a pennant is not a bad safety measure when you are short. It's good to be noticed by drivers. I also suggest bright colored clothing, reflectors on the front and the back of the bike and lights. I wish happy cycling!

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    When seeing bicyclists on our very rural narrow dangerous road I am pleased to see them with the flashing blinkers, bright jacket and helmet. Much more visible and safe.

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    Mine looks like this and I love it---

    We have wonderful bike lanes all over the city. The Portland metro area is very bike-friendly, I think, especially after reading some of these posts.
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