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Thread: Bike-alohlic

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    How funny that this thread was resurrected today, on the first day that we fired up the bikes and went for a whirl. We ran five errands, enjoyed the sunshine, raised our heart rates, got stinky, and enjoyed ourselves. We live in such a safe and bikeable neighborhood that I'm almost embarrassed that we don't do this more often. Oh well, at least we did it today! We might go to Target in a little bit. The roads are a little busier that direction but it's not far.

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    This thread inspired me to take my bike out today, to our local tourist attraction- a re-created colonial village. This is not a safe bike riding area: 4 lane divided highway with no shoulders to cross and cars doing 50+ mph, so I rode on the sidewalk which I know I'm not "supposed" to do, but it was much safer for both me and the traffic. The tourist attraction (not surprisingly) had no bike racks, so I parked behind the security building (with their blessing).

    We usually bike ride on paved bike paths or on local, not-heavily-trafficked roads. I'd love to be able to do my errands on the bike, but every time its taking my life in my hands crossing this kind of fast moving heavy traffic.

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    Happy to hear about your recent two-wheeled adventures in biking..sometimes I envision a more perfect world (like Holland?) where there are dedicated bike lanes that allow bike riding to be safe and fun for all of us...perhaps that day will come to us if the price and availability of fossil fuels continue to rise. Not to mention car prices which continue to astound me--new car prices, that is. We paid $30,000 for our first home in San Francisco, now cars can cost that and more. Amazing. Makes my small stable of three bikes seem such a huge bargain.

    Wouldn't we be healthier people on the whole if we spent more time bicycling and out in the fresh air? Sometimes I get teased for the amount of bike riding I do and I often people say, "I saw you on your bike and waved to you but you didn't wave back.." I just tell 'em "I was in the zone and too blissed out to notice you, sorry!"

    Though aware and cautious of traffic, I'm more noticing flowers, bunnies and potholes more than who's passing me in their car.
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    "The bicyclist" expounds on biking and returning to biking

    I also love riding my bicycles of which there are three; a touring model, a hybrid bike and an old road bike. I estimate that I have ridden 29,000 miles on them over 14 years. Sounds impressive? But it is only riding an average of 40 miles per week (40x52x14) over that period.

    Mainly, I have taken day long rides for recreation and short rides to complete errands or visit friends. Occaisionally I have done overnight trips to and from the next county. Often I have ridden to Valley Forge National Park which is about 20 miles each way from home and Washington's Crossing on the Delaware River which is a bit further.

    There is a bit of an intimidation factor for adults returning to bikes. A suggestion from me is to take your bike to a bike shop for a tune up! When you are there, ask about safe and easy places to ride nearby, a park or a quiet street which does not carry much traffic. The so-called "cul du sacs" are often good places to ride due to there being little through traffic.

    And don't forget to wear a helmet! Sincerely, Bicyclist

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    I love riding my bicycle also, especially this time of year. There is something about getting around town on your own power! I see so much more when on my bike. I have nothing fancy, a Schwinn "Frontier", but it gets me around town just fine. I covet those skinny wheeled bikes - they go so much faster. One guy always passes me on the way to work - like I am riding my tricycle in the bike lane! Show off!

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