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Thread: our Christmas present

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    Lovely exterior, and an acre to play with! Fun!

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    That sunny slope will be beautiful when the iris are moved there. Have you already started deciding which trees go?
    Congrats! We love Hermann!
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    How exciting? How far of a move would it be for you? Having lived on the west coast all my life it is amazing to see prices of homes elsewhere.

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    We dont have this house yet, we will know tomorrow if the deal goes through. This will be a second home for us.

    Hermann, MO is 85 miles from us. To Pinkytoe’s question it is the heart of Missouri wine country and this house is half a block away from Stone Hill winery which was the biggest producer of wine in American back in
    the 1870’s. There are ten other wineries in and around Hermann.

    This house is cheap because it is weird and not nicely done. We might renovate it and would spend $80,000 to $100,000 doing that.

    Sadly for some of you, two large trees would come down to make a garage IF we do that work. Otherwise, tree removal will be minimal, just small scrubby trees will come out.

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    Just had a chance to review in more detail. Here's what I really like about it:

    --the outside curb appeal
    --Those arched built-ins and doorways
    --The fireplace
    --The 60s cabinets
    --That enamel-top table is what I'm considering for my little house!
    --The dormer room upstairs. Most people don't like dormers because of the waste of space, but they have such a nice cozy "artist garret" feel
    --That porch with the view!
    --The outbuildings
    --The price!

    Very nice, IL. Can't wait to hear more about it.
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