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Thread: Simple Travel

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    I try to limit myself to one smallish pack, but I usually carry an electronic device, as I love books and this is the easiest way to carry them. Having offline city maps and such available is also very handy and freeing.

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    Since I've not convinced my spouse that we should travel device-free, looks like we'll invest in a tablet..our iPhone is so slow (likely needs a new battery) and runs out of juice so quickly, hope a tablet will prove not as annoying. Hate trips where so much energy is spent trying to charge things and sometimes worrying about theft if left unattended in the room...

    Those devices do come in handy for reservations and checking train/bus schedules and operating hours of museums and such....sometimes I refuse to look at reviews and like discovering places by wandering around and talking with people...
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    It depends on how long I'm going to be away, and also the weather. Summer clothes are a lot less bulky than winter. More than two weeks and I take a roll aboard suitcase and use a lightweight backpack for small items. Short term, a backpack is okay - though sometimes a rolling bag actually makes things less stressful (and easier on my body.) It's easier to find stuff and keep things organized in a case. I have a very small under-the-seat one I got at Goodwill.

    I bring my phone to use as a camera and clock, also to text home, email, and check flight/train arrangements where there is WiFi (I don't buy SIM cards every time I go to a different country.) I only recently started using ebooks (the Hoopla library app) and foresee using that as well. I don't use my phone much for internet even at home - I don't feel screen bound.

    Even on a little road trip, it's great to be able to call AAA when needed. So yeah, definitely a phone.

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    Gardenarian, I am coming to the SF area soon for a week so need some more advice than has already been shared from your fresh perspective on the the area. Which art galleries would you include within the trip as that is a priority for me? Family members will do their own thing on some days as is understood as my interests are somewhat different than theirs. We will meet back at the vacation rental each day.
    The Muir Woods/Sausalito and Alcatraz tours are booked. I would love to see unique images to photograph for painting later. What areas would you make a point of seeing. I can pick up postcards of the usual touristy sites so instead am looking for something different that you have to be there to see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyHiker View Post
    Does anyone travel very simply, lightly -- out of a backpack kind of travel?l. And maybe without any electronic devices?

    I'm finding all the electronic devices distracting, would like to venture forth appliance free...but am I too hooked to do it??
    My husband and I travel only with one backpack each. It isnt hard to do, but you need to learn how to pare down all the excess stuff most people take with them and never use. I do take my iPad Mini so I can let my kids know we are ok, but I dont use it beyond that. The thought of dragging a suitcase of dirty laundry around while on holiday is enough to make me ill!

    The best advice I ever got was to figure out what you want to take with you, lay it out on your bed, then put half of it back!

    I've had lots of people ask me how we manage with so little and I reply that I wash sox and undies in the hotel sink, they dry overnite, I have spare jeans and 4-5 shirts plus the one on my back, a light nylon jacket in case of rain, and there's always a laundry anywhere you go, unless it's really remote. We take small bottles of shampoo etc., hairbrush, some meds, hubby has a small first aid kit, and then there's passports and paperwork and that's about it.

    We dont buy souvenirs. We breeze thru check in and customs/security while most people are hanging out at the luggage carousel :-) The longest we've been gone with just a backpack was 22 days in England.

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