Just wanted to drop by and wish everyone the best December 25th possible.....I've been really busy, picking up as much overtime as I can and have been saving as much money as I can. Have not been here much lately and have not been active in the neighborhood due to this. Finally am getting a few days off as this week between December 25th and New Year's Day is not very busy - but when it picks up again later in January it's like BOOM Mega Busy and a chance to stack some cash. Hope everyone I remember has been doing well and I am going to post a bit more and poke around a bit and see what folks are up to these days.

Having a really low key and easy day today, sleeping on and off to catch up on sleep. Today my other half is cooking and I am just cleaning things up....my Mother will be dropping by later for dinner and I will probably call it a day early. Sounds like a great day to me - today slow and easy for me. Rob