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Thread: Better suggestions for dinner "on the run"?

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    When my kids were growing up and on swim team, they got used to combinations of: fresh fruit (banana, apple, grapes, pear...) chunk of bread torn off loaf (usually whole grain), chunk of cheese broken from block, raw veggetable (which if you were lucky, mom not only washed and cut up, but also peeled if needed and paired with something to dip it in - like a cup of yogurt or some nut butter), drink (water bottle, can of juice, shelf stable milk that may or may not have thawed...) maybe nuts or pretzels.

    they complained. They were hungry. They ate and lived to complain again.

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    I used to make bread dough and use it to make pies. Sometimes I would make frog shapes (an oval of dough, folded over, add eyes and feet) with cheese in the tummy. Boiled eggs always went down well.

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    I like deli rollups, nuts, cheeses, pickles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamalatte View Post
    does anyone have an understanding of whether ALL "processed meats" are bad for you? For example, if I am buying uncured bacon or salami or cold cuts without nitrates, am I then okay, or is all of this still the bad thing that is linked to cancer and heart disease?
    I'm wary of the whole "bad for you" judgement as well. Since July, as part of a low-carb/high-fat diet, I've been eating more sausage and salami and bacon than I probably have eaten in my life (almost enough to bore me, which I never thought could happen ). But my blood-sugar levels are way down and my cholesterol tests have come back better than when I was avoiding such foods. Maybe the nitrates are doing a job on me -- but, then, maybe all the chemicals I was exposed to getting a degree in chemistry did, too. It's hard to think we'll ever know.

    If feeding your kids salami or cold cuts for dinner a couple of nights a week keeps them fed while they're being active and keeps you sane for not having to prepare extensively for meals on the run, IMHO it's a risk worth taking -- the for-sure benefits now are worth the potential risk.
    Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. - Booker T. Washington

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