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Thread: What are you reading 2018?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    I can't really remember the specifics, only that Christine was surprisingly sympathetic, IMO. I never found any of his characters particularly likable, but it's been a long time.
    But Christine was a car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosarugosa View Post
    But Christine was a car.
    Yes, she was.

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    I just finished Hillbilly Elegy for book club. I was NOT looking forward to reading it and was pleasantly surprised, it flowed well, was hard to put down and no graphic horrors. It helped me understand some of the people around me. I am sorry there is not a good solution, much like the inner cities. My first reaction for a solution is to take all the children away and place them in safe, calm environments, but we know that cannot happen.

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