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Thread: What movies are you watching 2018?

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    Tulip Mania which was a bit better than the critics said it was. The acting from lead character was poor and
    I am not a fan of hers anyway. But the supporting actor and actress were really great.

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    “Adrift”, The true story of Tami Oldham who sailed into Hurricane Raymond with her boyfriend, he was killed and she was lost at sea adrift for forty plus days. When you accompany someone to a movie and you walk out silent not quite knowing what to say to each other about your reaction to a movie....then you know there’s more to it than just a brief intermission in your life. I think there is an award to be handed out here for the acting and the screenplay but when you are watching doesn’t overpower you. It just kind of slowly wins you over until the finale......Tom Waits “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You.”

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