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Thread: Things I managed today

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    CL, you might appreciate wife came home with a little more zip in her step today. She said she had a good day because so many of her students were out of class today she only had four. The rest were suspended! She said she walked past the Principles Office and stuck her head in, “Hey thanks for the gift today!”

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    I understand your wife’s position, but for me, it just breaks my heart when they get suspended. I’m all about their parents taking some of them on vacations though!

    here is what I got through today:
    30 minutes on the exercise bike, build fire, breakfast, pack lunches, chores, charge phone (and remember phone), pack (and remember) swim bag, shower, wash a load of laundry, pick up packages at post office, load the school kiln, lunch duty, sub during my planning period, class, swim (and shower again), pick up forgotten/unavailable at store yesterday groceries, rebuild fire, put away groceries, dry laundry, cook easy dinner, partly unload dishwasher, eat, chores, 8 evaluations.

    More dishes to do, food to put away, more evaluations to do, planning to do for classes tomorrow. Dh is setting up the coffee for me for morning. I’m thinking my best bet might be put food away and go to bed. Do the best I can on the other stuff in the morning.

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