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Thread: Question about women and what they want........

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    I once questioned a co-worker about what constituted a slut in his mind. We finally determined it was a woman who wanted sex more often than the two times a week he considered proper. Words failed me.
    There is the old one about the different between a slut, and the slang for female dog. A slut will screw anyone, while the b, will screw anyone but you.
    That brought back some memories, LOL.

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    Old hat, paying people not to have children in the US will only be sustainable if we increase the number of immigrants. Native born citizens are currently reproducing well below replacement rate. And while it may be desirable to have the population decrease - a decrease that rapid would be very disruptive. Boomers are already stressing the system.

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