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Ok, lets talk under-bed storage. I will have to visit the IkEa here in town, a place I dislike immensely except for their tiny houses (those, I love!) . but anyway.

IKEA and others have these platform bed thIngs that have drawers. You put the mattress on top. There is no box spring.
or, they also have this dodadd hydraulic system that lifts your mattress up and you can store anything under it. Not as expensive as it sounds.

but then, I think about how much I have always wanted an antique spool/spindle bed. If it were high enough, I could just store things under it. But I guess I would have to buy appropriate sized plastic tubs to do that.

Tell me about yoir under=bed storage.

Lets start by correcting one thing. Please lift up the box that your mattress is on, look under it and then come back to this thread. In past times, there were a lot more box "springs" (I grew up on a 40 year old mattress, with box springs under it). Now and for a long time, MOST sold are actually BOXES, with NO SPRINGS.
So a fabric colored box, with a flat top the mattress sits on.
Guess what a platform bed is?
I've been sleeping on a platform bed since I bought my house, in my 20's. The one I found locally, has one giant drawer that has wheels on it to slide to one side or the other. I added some extra wheels, due to carpet in that room. I would much prefer smaller drawers and expect I will build the next one to get what I want. (my current one has slats, so if you toss and turn, you can slide the mattress enough, that things could be knocked off the headboard, and end up in the drawer. That was a fun morning trying to find glasses)
Those hydraulic cylinders, started as a thing for more modern day Murphy beds, and someone decided they were a good idea, to assist older people getting under the mattress.
One person I knew, had access to a lot of wheels, and took an old, cheaply made chest of drawers, and put wheels under the drawers to use them under a bed. Plastic tubs have the advantage of a lid, and the disadvantage of if you need to put extra stuff in them, they can't be overfilled (they hid a present in one drawer).
I like firm mattresses and with a firm mattress and the platform bed, it is similar to having a board under the bed. My building of one, will involve not slats but solid plywood, as a cover to keep things out.