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Thread: How Has the News Changed Your Daily Life?

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    Lets see. There was fear that we would have issues with the year 2000. So I kept an extra paycheck out in cash, so I didn't have to deal with crowds of packed idiots, as the banking system knows what panic and fear can do to an economy.
    I've avoided going through DUI checkpoints, because I don't drink and have multiple ways I could drive.
    I've made sure to have a snow shovel and salt ready.

    I think this is all pretty common stuff that is the most useful of any news stuff.

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    For three days I have heard bits and pieces about someone having sex with his hairdresser. i just figured hunh oh, whch local politican has been forced out of the closet? I didn't listen to an actual newscast on the radio and have not looked at the newspaper for 3 days( where this is headline news.)

    Finally, yesterday, I listened to a local radio newscasts in full. Ooops! Our governor had an affair just two years ago, before he was in politics but while he was gearing up to run. Of course this is huge news for most of America because, well, it is about penises and their recreational activities, always scintillating. There are small details that are more disturbing than where the penis was recreating. But the woman involved does not wish to participate in the media take down and without her, I dont see how criminal charges can be a serious threat. But we shall see.

    Floaton, continue on in your news blackout, you arent missing anything in this gubanatorial shendig.

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