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Thread: What is the maximum number of hours you will work a week?

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    Most of my life it has been 40 with a few rare exceptions when were were really short staffed and I worked 50. Now I probably work about 10-15/hours/week.

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    I routinely work 50-55 hours per week, more as needed. Salary position so no OT.

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    I haven't worked full-time since '95. Currently 25 hours a week.
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    My reply poofed!

    Worked 30 years @ 40 hrs with few times of OT. Semi-retired to 10 hours two and a half years ago. Recently picked up what started as another 10 hour job and bloomed to 24 hours. So currently 34.I

    Slightly OT...they say the more money you make, the more you spend. We were ok financially on my 10 hrs and hubby salary.
    We were going to bank the second job. Then, Dh had a health event and I thought we needed money. Actually MONEY! zinto the hundreds of thousands! After many appeals with insurance, our obligation is about the salary I've made in these few months of extra work. Hallelujah!

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