I received a voice mail this morning which really cheered me up. I'm off today and some of the neighbors near me are having a (Blank)hole Buffet this evening in protest slash celebration of Trump's recent comment about Haiti and various nations on the African continent. Mostly it will be Hispanic foods served at the (Blank)hole Buffet I'm told, good enough for me.

I already returned the call and said I'd be there later tonight and would go to Food City (Hispanic Grocery Store down the street) and pick up something to bring to the Buffet. It feels so good to be part of something like this again - it's been only a short while that I have not and I have missed it, I really have.

More now then ever I believe it's important to resist and to be on good terms with your neighbors, especially neighbors from other countries - they can be fountains of wisdom as to getting around things and as to make do with less/due more with less/survive in the face of insanity and insane obstacles. I'm off to rejoin the 85006 this evening - alone, though, as SO is working a double today downtown. Rob