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Thread: I have praise for US CBP - seriously I do.

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    I have praise for US CBP - seriously I do.

    Here is some rare, very rare praise I have for US CBP. I have had three days off since my recent string of very long spells of work without time off (some of which was my doing by picking up shifts voluntarily, so I'm not complaining here). My first of these three days off was I believe December 29th, on which day I took a shuttle down to Nogales, Mexico for a dental cleaning and to have another night guard made. And to pick up a carved wooden turtle (long story behind that).

    At any rate, I put my passport into the inner pocket of my jacket and forgot it was there. When it was time to cross back over to the US, I forgot where it was and thought I had lost it. I went through the line with only my Arizona State ID Card for ID - truly dreading what I thought was coming.

    Long and short of the story.....the US CBP person asked me for my social security number, then my place of birth, then waved me on hassle whatsoever. I'm still very much floored in regards to this. I have told this story to a few people in the 85006 who dismiss this as being "white privilege" but I'm not buying this 100% as though I'm white I have had some nasty hair raising experiences at the Nogales Port of Entry.....even with passport in hand. This time I'm floored though and I understand that under US law, this situation could have been much more difficult. Kudos to this lady at US CBP for handling this well and for not making this a nightmare.

    BTW I have since found the passport, something for which I am very grateful. I just wanted to post this story as I've so often slammed US CBP - it's only fair that when they do something right, I post that, too. Otherwise on a moral basis I lose the right to complain. Rob

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    I was impressed with TSA when I flew recently for the first time in 14 years. The airline said to allow 2 hours to get through the checkpoint at one airport and 90 minutes at another, but it was 15 and 10 minutes respectively. I got pretty bored at the airport though waiting for my flight.

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