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Thread: That cringing moment

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    That cringing moment

    When you all of a sudden see another person's point of view. Of course i am only speculating on their own POV however it is not one that makes me look good or supports my view. I hear this is some kind of emotional maturity to consider it, i hope that it doesn't mean i need to stop advocating for myself

    Yeah still struggling with the same old, part of the process of letting go of the job, the work relationship, and moving on.

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    In most situations there are at least two sides, at least two points of view, each with facts and priorities to form those points of view.

    That doesnt mean that you are wrong, just because you can recognize the validity of the other side. You are somewhat right, they are somewhat right. Each side puts emphasis on different facts or criteria. That’s ok, that is life.

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    The answer lives somewhere in the middle. If you must find it. Sometimes you must, many times it’s not necessary.

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