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Thread: Another decor question- kitchen cabinets

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    We put in prefinished solid oak strip floors (Bruce) throughout our house except for the kitchen and the bath (will probably do the kitchen too if we live long enough to remodel our kitchen). We love it and it was definitely our greatest DIY accomplishment. I got a couple of books and we taught ourselves. My carpentry skills were nonexistent and DH's were very basic but our floors are great.

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    Our install involved prying up old pee-stained particle board subfloor, installing new sub-floor and then nailing down the hardwood. We considered having them do pre-finished but it actually cost a little more. We will however do all of the kitchen ourselves - ordering the cabinets today.

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    That is impressive Rosa, I dont thnk DH will put in our wood floors. He has done all other flooring in our house , well not the two rooms of carpet, he will not lay carpet. He laid parquet and tile, both ceramic and marble. But wood floors, not sure if he will take that on. He is capable, however.

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