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Thread: Favourite love songs?

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    Our Love is Here to Stay

    It's very clear our love is here to stay
    Not for a year but ever and a day
    Oh the radio and a telephone, movies that we know
    May just be passing fancies and in time may go
    But oh my dear our love is here to stay
    Together we're going on a long, long way
    In time the rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble
    They're only made of clay but our love is here to stay
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    That's a great Gershwin song!

    Reminds me of a couple of old movie musicals...

    Not suitable for a Valentine's Day chorus, but I've always been a sucker for songs from what I call the Codependent's Songbook. That would include songs like As Long as He Needs Me from Oliver ("Who else would love him still / When they've been used so ill?") and Something Wonderful from the King and I ("You'll always go along // Defend him when he's wrong."). There are others, but those are the two songs that stand out as two that stand out.
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    Speaking of Gershwin, one of my favorites is "I've Got a Crush on You".

    Another one is U2's "All I Want Is You"

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    Sting, "Fields of Gold". So intimate. When he sings "Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth among the fields of gold", just one word in that line makes it so much more intimate and personal. "Mouth" instead of lips. I don't know. Just incredibly beautiful and romantic.
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    The group choir sings on Monday, Feb 5 so will report on songs chosen. The director needed the music sheets to help the volunteer mini-band that accompanies and the words are posted on a screen for the singers to follow. Thanks for all the suggestions which were passed along.
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    We had fun last night singing with a larger turnout than usual so it was a positive plus to do in our community.

    We had the choice of 42 songs and sang most of them in about 90 minutes with a very short prior commentary on each song.

    All I ask of you (phantom of the opera)
    And I love you so
    As time goes by
    Can't help falling in love with you
    Close to you
    Daydream believer
    Groovy kind of love
    Hi-lili. hi lo (a song of love is a sad song song)
    If (Bread)
    I just called to say "I love You"
    I'll have to say I love in a song
    Leaving on a jet plane
    Love is mine
    Love me tender
    My cup runneth over
    My sweet lady (john Denver)
    People will say we're in love
    Perhaps love
    the Rose
    The shadow of your smile
    Someone to watch over me
    Something stupid
    Somewhere my love (Dr Zhivago)
    Somewhere out there
    Tea for two
    There's a kind of a hush
    Three coins in a fountain
    Time in a bottle
    The twelfth of Never
    The way we were (mem'ries)
    WE'll meet again (vera Lynn)
    What I did for love
    What the world needs now
    When I fall in love
    When I grow too old to dream
    Where is your heart (moulin Rouge)
    Wind beneath my wings
    Gandhi: Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony .

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    Nice selection, razz. Sounds like it was a great event.
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