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Thread: What Do You Love?

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    EJ, I love your post and your dresser top! Creating a space you love creates more than a space, it creates a feeling and it is welcoming.

    Tybee, I have a found turtle shell in one of my gardens too. Well, actually I know the turtle it belonged to (Ernie) and I leave it there as a reminder to be mindful. I fed that turtle for 6 years. He and his friend would come daily and wait for a strawberry or lettuce leaf or something else tasty like a worm. Then they'd visit my compost pile. He apparently got stuck in one of the pallets around my compost pile and I never noticed and he died. 2 years ago. I left his body to do it's thing and this last summer I pulled it out of the pile and left it in the sun to bleach then moved it to one of my new rock gardens. I carefully check the pallets now because the other turtle (Bert) still comes by to see me.

    I love my collection of pottery teapots. They are art pieces not to be used but I enjoy the designs and shapes.

    I love my buffet. It was in the old farm house when my parents bought the place in '67. It had been there when the previous owners bought the place in the early '40's. Mom gave it to me when we built our house in '92. I looked up the history once of the builder. A newspaper article is glued to the back of it about the company that built them but I've forgotten the details. It's tiger maple and sturdy. I call it Mae after the name of the wife of the couple that left it for mom.

    I love rocks. I have bowls and wood trays of them around the house. There are fossils and dinosaur bones and petrified ancient horse bones and rocks & gems that we've bought or just picked up from special places. I often pick a rock and carry it in my pocket through out the day. I feel grounded that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    That is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for the Craftsman style. I love Charles Rennie MacIntosh, too.
    I know! That looks like a MacIntosh ornamental touch.
    what a pretty piece of furniture!
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    How nice I love reading what others Treasure. I love the safe, peaceful feeling of my home at 4:30 am, my living room in the morning with the fireplace on, a candle or oil lamp burning, my dogs softly breathing or snoring, hubby and I have a coffee before the day starts. Life seemed to move way to fast for all our life and we started this morning peaceful time maybe a year ago. Sometimes we say nothing other times the answer to every question is answered.

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    About 15 years ago we were in a consignment shop and I was looking for a china cabinet. Instead I found this beautiful buffet that was from the 30's and very ornate. Someone had painted it and it was peeling everywhere. I hired someone to strip it and the top is a beautiful wood. The rest I had him paint a cream color. I get compliments on it all the time. It is my favorite piece.

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    Thanks for posting your pretty photo! Must feel good to have the clutter gone.
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    I also love key chain multi-tools. I use mine everyday.
    I am also a keychain gadget hound, but I think I've mentioned that on many occasions. The current rotation is: a Niteize Doohickey, a mini pry bar, and an itty bitty flashlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    Get an Olight S1 Mini if you donít have one. They have a clip so that you can mount it on the bill of your cap, it is about as small as a AA battery, it has a battery that is rechargeable by USB and the light it puts out will amaze you. Trust me.

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    Some things just go together.

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    Nice, Williamsmith. A relative of us has a hand coffee grinder which I love using when I visit him. I've been thinking of getting one. A nice coffee station is a pleasing sight.

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