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Thread: Bae.......tsunami?

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    CathyA, I was in Anchorage at the time and it was even on my birthday. I can safely say that the earth can and does really roll under the feet and under anything else sitting on the ground. 5 minutes of incredible shaking, rolling and thunderous noise. The aftershocks were, if possible, even worse.

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    That's where our acquaintance was too! I think he was in the service at the time. Earthquakes are pretty incredible things. I guess everything in nature is! It must have been quite frightening to be in it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetana3 View Post

    There is constant activity along the plates around the planet.
    Indeed. A quick look at the USGS website list of recent earthquakes shows dozens, if not hundreds, every day. They send me email anytime there's one over 3.0, but I had to limit my notifications to the western US not including alaska because I was getting obliterated by the emails...

    Personally I hope we're either out of town or moved away before the next big one hits san francisco. I've felt several small ones since moving here 9 years ago (including last night at around 10pm) and the novelty has worn off.

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