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Thread: Sewing again, it's winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikingLady View Post
    I have purchased a couple fo the aprilcornell's pieces. They are pretty, but far over priced, mine all from the clearance sections. I like more fitted clothes but there have been so many long tunic type shirts the last year and I fell into that. I am thinking of some way of making the tunics more fitted other than with a belt.
    Interesting observation, BL. I have tried over the past 10 years to find a short summer dress without success. I have football shoulders, flat bum and broad hips. One day, last summer when browsing downtown, I found a white summery dress with large black polkadots, on sale, with mandarin collar, princess shaping and flared skirt. It fit!!!! I have received so many compliments on it even from strangers walking on the street.

    As I twirled in front of a friend, she noted that most women's clothes today have no shaping especially for the bosom area. There is a pile of fabric that is supposed to fit everyone, often with a belt or elastic. Now because my clothes last forever, I am willing to spend a little extra for clothes that have darts or shaping. They are out there but hard to find.
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    Well I have been sewing for the winter. I have made a few pieces I would wear, many I would not, but all and all I have been learning a great deal from my mistakes. I have done better than any winter yet. Having said that, I do not feel I was meant for this, I am not crafty. That is the bottom line. I have some great ideas and read many blogs of crafty people. Nothing seems to take off in my craftiness!

    Why is that????? Some like my mom seem to have been born with the knack for crafting. I guess mine got lost in the genes! I think If I worked on a new project every week eventually I would understand the way everything was suppose to workout and match together. BUT how long would this take?Oh well it is 50 and rain today so spring is close to make me be in the gardens and dirt!

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