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Thread: One of my fave recipes, easy, quick, cheap and delicious!

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    One of my fave recipes, easy, quick, cheap and delicious!

    dish is something I kind of "created" (I am sure I didn't really, but threw it together one night when low on stuff and was like "hmmmm, this is GOOD!").

    Throw Together Spanish Rice/Hot Sausage stir fry

    Start by using a box of spanish rice (brand of choice) usually have to let the water boil, etc.
    Meanwhile, squeeze the contents of two italian hot sausages into a fry pan with oil/butter and cook until browned
    Put the sausage aside, meanwhile (we are still waiting for the water to boil, rice to simmer, etc.) add some freshly chopped onion, green pepper, and green scallions into a small bowl)
    When the rice has completed simmering/cooking, etc. slowly stir in the sausage mix, and the fresh veggies.....stir together and then return to mix over a low heat in a wide fry pan.....
    add black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder to taste, serve and enjoy!

    I usually serve this with hot bread, and a side salad. It is a combination of the main meal (sausage meat) and starch (rice)....and will go a long way (meaning leftovers to freeze) in way of portions.

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    I do something similar but use a Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice with Garlic packet which does not have to be cooked but just warmed. Talk about easy and good!!! I use whatever meat I have in the house (usually leftover).

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