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Thread: Sewing Doll Clothes

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    I had Barbie dolls in the heyday of her clothes,the 60’s mass produced clothing was couture and from real fabric. Eveything was cotton, I believe, noth Ng was polyester.

    I look back at those clothes from then and marvel at their detail. I do remember some homemade pieces from that time never really measured up because the scale of trim pieces was wrong, everything was too big. Barbie is tiny.
    Hmm.. How many of us wish we still had a boxed Barbie in our attic, with either a pony tail and curly bangs or a big bouffant? I had both of those, with the iconic black and white one-piece bathing suit. I had a really smart cousin--she lived on a really rare wooded lot in Bridgeport and I remember sitting with her on a rock in the woods at age 13 and helping her (haha) draft a business proposal to Mattel for a Barbie Baby doll to complement the Barbie/Ken franchise. Shoot-there was already a "Barbie Dream Home" on the market--why not populate one of the bedrooms and turn it into a nursery!

    They wrote back to her/us politely declining the idea. They probably didn't want to rob Barbie of her sex appeal and turn her into a sleep-starved Stepford Barbie. Who would buy that??

    I haven't seen this particular cousin in years, but I have a feeling she's had a productive life.
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    My mom sewed some cool doll clothes. I have some of them though unfortunately they are in bad shape after being in an uninsulated attic for decades. I do have her patterns though. I also made some Barbie doll clothes for my niece when she was little.

    I have continued to make some doll clothes for fun, usually with scraps of leftover fabric. Guess there's that part of me that's still a little girl. Here's one I am working on from scraps left from making my sister's wedding dress:

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