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Thread: Friend with cancer and meal service

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    Friend with cancer and meal service

    My best friend just was diagnosed with breast cancer and is planning surgery. She has her fiance ( they are actually getting married sunday) but the rest of her family is in Canada and i am a state away. I wanted to send a week of one of those meal services like hello fresh. I am definitely out of casserole range. Does anyone know if you can do a gift certificate and they can pick the week to redeem it? Or if you have any other bright ideas that would be great

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    Consider a gift certificate to a chain grocery store you know in her town, one that has a deli. I rely a lot on deli food, it is great for soups and salads. If the salad bar is too Ick Factor as it is for many people, the behind-the-counter salads are lovely.

    This is my confession as to why we do not eat at restaurants often, I am a store deli customer.

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    I like IL's idea. We've tried the meal services; even if they offered gift certificates, you have to choose the entrees a week or more in advance (the further ahead, the greater the menu choices). The grocery store deli likely will have comparable offerings (if maybe not quite as culinarily adventuresome) and will have it right there, ready to heat at home. No-brainer.
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    Yes, another vote for a good grocery store! Ours has sushi and all kinds of yummy store prepared foods. We don't often indulge, but they are bargains relative to other options for food not prepared at home. Your friend would get way more value for your money.

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    I'm going to be the contrary one. I feel that when people are sick or suffering, they don't want to make any decisions, which means avoiding going into huge supermarkets. I like the idea of a one-time Hello, Fresh thing, but I don't think it works that way. I would do more investigating online for healthy gift baskets. Plug in her zip code and see if there are any local businesses that offer something appropriate. When my cousin was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I found a place that put together a healthy eating basket right near him that could deliver on short notice.

    On another note: I have good friends that I met through my son in the early 2000s--they are his age, not mine (mid-30s). The week before they were married she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. I can't imagine the roller coaster of feelings they went through--just as your friends are probably going through.

    But that was probably 8-9 years ago at least, and she is living a healthy life, and their marriage is strong. I know she is a very disciplined person, and I know she follows a macrobiotic diet and goes for spa treatments and massages. She also managed to get an advanced degree throughout this ordeal. I wish the same type of hopeful outcome for your best friend.
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