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Thread: Best feedback!

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    Best feedback!

    We had a half day training yesterday with the 4 schools in oir grouping, and i was walking to 7 11 chatting with my assistant. He did job similar to mine in a smaller town so he has managed people. He is said he has never seen an employee improve like my problem one has in the last month. He had staff that were good and stayed good, others that didn't make it, but not dramatic growth.

    That may explain some things, like that my sup simply does not believe me that she met the goals i set for her. But i will say this is not the first time i have had some real growth, and other times i haven't been so successful. However supervisors have asked me to specifically take on a staff that was willing to work and needed my style of leadership.

    I still think she won't stay long due to health reasons, but she is so engaged right now, willing to work with me, and excited that she met the goals.

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    Some people are able to recognize your success! Your sup may be a little slow in that area.

    Sending a virtual bouquet.

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