--Gas for the car at Loblaws price was good and I get an extra .02 a litre in points.
--gave in to get an order of food but, only spent $50.00 on fresh fruit and veggies and a good supply of seafood.
I was out of fish and seafood and Loblaws had some frozen on sale plus $5.00 in points on spending $20.00 so I got $40.00 worth
which is not hard to do. Also, used $20.00 in points I had against the bill so really only spent $30.00. No use being frugal if you can't eat some of what you really like...lol
--Got a dress that usually sells for $39.00 on sale for $10.00
--I have a cell phone plan were I pay $10.00 a month for minutes; I have been using so few they offered to take my accumulated minutes ($100.00 worth)
to pay for the next year. This would have cost me $135.00 with tax so I am pleased with that.
--visited a friend who had just had surgery and was able to bring her a nice gift of a Shower Wash and Nettie Wash thing from Body Shop stuff I
had got on Christmas sales.
--finally getting warmer here so have been able to turn the heat down some.
--That is all for now.