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Thread: 2017 Taxes!

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    I finally filed my taxes yesterday. Miraculously, and with no intentional effort on my part, withholding compared to what would come due worked out pretty well this year. I'm getting $15 back from the franchise tax board (I have no idea why the hell our state tax agency has that name) and owe $570 to the IRS. Not bad for someone with 38 pages of income tax documents and some quirky investments I would never have personally made but which I inherited from my father. (energy trust royalties, anyone... I have no idea what the cost basis of them was but compared to their current value the royalties are pretty decent so i'll hold onto them despite the extra pages they add to my tax return every year.)

    Now I need to start researching whether I need to modify my withholdings for 2018 to have a repeat scenario a year from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    If you are seriously interested in debt control, you will support Rand Paul and his efforts to bring rational thought to the U.s. debt problem. He is pretty much the only grownup in the room there in D.C., the dad who is willing to say “no, we cant afford that.”

    I love that his Halloween outfit one year was to the dress up at the national
    debt because that was the scariest thng out there. Haha.
    agree about Rand Paul. He will face an uphill battle but someone has to do it. Crazy times, the GOP screams about debt until they have some control, and the Dems do the same thing. Liars the lot of them.

    Owe a a few hundred dollars to both, on purpose. We like to be close. Next year hard to determine but one way or the other we should not get a penalty or be owed a huge refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveinMN
    Waiting on our Form 1095-C, which DW informs me will not be available from her workplace until the end of this month. Everything else is ready to go so I may just ship it off to the accountant and have them file as soon we get as the mandatory form. Last year I think we ended up with a very small refund; that may change this year because of medical expenses.
    So we still don't have the 1095-C but the accountant filed our taxes anyway and we got the notifications that both returns were accepted, so I guess the "mandatory" document isn't so mandatory. A few hundred dollars in federal refund; $17 to the state. According to our accountant, it wasn't medical expenses that made the difference, it was a sizable loss on our rental property. Yay us.
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