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Thread: 65,000 reasons to not hire a cleaning service

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    We have a Roomba that gets used every day as well as the regular vacuum for the dog hair. I can't stand dog hair drifting on the floor. I love our cleaners and they will even go along the floorboards in the bathroom with a toothbrush. They dust the wooden blinds by hand with a rag instead of a duster. I would never in a million years be as thorough as they are. They don't do the kitchen because that is my husband's domain and he loves to putz around wiping things down that I could never reach. I'm happy to be out back mowing with the tractor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molly View Post
    I posted this many years ago under '28,000 reasons not to hire a cleaning service'. I think it bears repeating.

    Many years ago when I was a wage slave, (with spouse and two kids), I hired a cleaning service because I got zero help and/or support from spouse and kids. After a few months, it felt like I was throwing my money away.

    I decided to suck it up and pay myself to do the cleaning. I had money directly deposited from each paycheck into a special deferred compensation account. My goal was to have travel and fun money for when I retired.

    Because the market has performed very well over the past 9 years, the account balance is now over $65,000! I've got some fun trips planned for myself this year.

    Yes, I did work myself to exhaustion when I was younger, but I can now enjoy the fruits of that labor.
    While I applaud your brilliant "can do" attitude and frugal approach, if you felt like you were throwing,your money away, you needed a different cleaner.

    A good housekeeper will make,you thank your lucky stars that you found them.

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    Molly, Love it! Being "simple and frugal" never means poor, those are different.

    We saved in such ways over the years. You must find join and reward to make it worth it in the end not just the reward of the bank account. I posted once about our frugal ways and what purchase that made as that was reward and affordable(on another board) I got kinda slammed for that not being frugal, oh but it was as it was cash paid for and the one of the rewards.

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