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Thread: African violets anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sad Eyed Lady View Post
    I bought one that was on the verge of expiring several months, maybe a year ago. It recovered, grew, bloomed and was beautiful. Then it regressed. Yellow leaves, (not over watering and only from the bottom), not many blooms etc. So after trimming off old leaves more than once, I now have a very small plant with nice green leaves but no flowers. I recently moved it to a window that faces East. The area it was in before faced North, but I can't see any difference. I would like for it to recover and bloom, but so far there are only the little leaves.
    Does it need fertilizer?
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    They seem finicky to me. dH had them when we got married decades ago, and still has a couple, but he doesnt take care of them.

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