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Thread: more tax deductions for things to Goodwill?

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    8,792 more tax deductions for things to Goodwill?

    I'm cleaning a lot of stuff out. Since I don't work, I've always considered taking pics and making lists of things I donate to Goodwill for tax purposes, as my little contribution. It's actually a lot of work, for very little money return, but it's all I can do. But as I was cleaning out a lot of stuff and getting ready to take pics this morning and document each thing, giving it a value, etc., it hit me that next year (for this year's taxes), I probably won't need to do any of that, right? Of course, I'll still give everything away to Goodwill, but is it pretty certain that I shouldn't be doing all that extra work now??
    Any ideas?

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    That depends on your financial situation.

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    Will the amount you donate (including goodwill items) exceed the standard deduction?

    i am not itemizing this year. I am setting aside items with a larger value to size ratio for 2019, donating larger, lower value items as usual without documentation, and taking books to half price (tiny return, but on my way to work)

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