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There is that...

(Full disclosure, I don't own a single pair of made-in-USA underwear.) I may have related this story in this forum earier, but the first time my current wife went with me to the food co-op to shop, she picked up a brick of fairly-common cheese and was shocked at the price (I don't remember; maybe $7-8/lb.). "It's so expensive!" "Actually, that's the price of cheese when you treat the cattle humanely and don't let their manure pollute the environment, pay the farm workers a wage they can live on and not have to visit the ER for routine medical care, and sell it in a store in which every employee makes a local living wage and has health coverage and tuition reimbursement."

Maybe the question is not "Why is Product A so expensive?" but "Why is Product B so cheap?" Is Product B really cheaper when so much of its production is subsidized by everyone?
Oh great! So now I have to feel guilty about my hot pepper cheese I get for $3.99/lb? When will the suffering end?