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Thread: My magic boots

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    My magic boots

    We had freezing rain for most of yesterday which left a lovely icy situation. I have a dog that needs a long walk as he is a lively hound. The ice made a crust on top of all the snow that we have received over the past few days making walking in the snow impossible. Roadways are covered with hard visible ice or black ice that is hard to see in the early morning sunshine.

    A couple of years ago, when visiting DD2 and her DH, I was shown boots where one can use a key and flip on the little spikes that make walking on ice a cinch. I had tried different types of tension sandals that supposedly fit over shoes but walking in the snow usually caused them to come off. I came home, found a pair of the Olang boots and have used them a few times.

    This morning I grabbed a walking stick for 3-point contact, my magic boots with the spikes and walked my dog up a large roadway where the snowplow had cleared a nice wide shoulder with a crusty snow covering. Drivers were very courteous so all worked out well. See how the technology works on their website. Highly recommend them. A little pricey but so worth it!
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    This is timely. I am iced in today. It is only a light kayer of ice and it is found mostly on our brick sidewalks, but still, I am not venturing out there.

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    What a clever idea!

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    So these really work to keep you from slipping on ice? Wow - that is wonderful. I can get out in snow, but with ice I always say I can't drive on it, I can't walk on it......
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    That's excellent! I hate being trapped inside by ice.
    I bought some Yak Tracks but it's been a remarkably mild winter in the PNW, so haven't had a chance to use them.

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