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Thread: tracking thoughts

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    tracking thoughts

    I had a very quiet weekend, and lately I have had several a-ha moments. As many of you know my health problem is literally all in my held (and just as real as anything else). One a-ha moment was that this anxious, hyper awareness of everything I have done wrong, all my mistakes and all the well-intentioned goofs is an opportunity. I have been waking up Monday morning by 3 am with anxiety of everything I have done wrong. So how to work with this,

    I started tracking my thoughts, especially the ones that I want to avoid. When I am home or somewhere it is okay I have been writing them down. My hope is by just noting and writing I can get some clarity and relief. My stress is pretty high with looking for a job and that uncertainty, and the anxiety could affect how well I do in interviews or applying for jobs, etc.

    I don't know if others have done this, or if you think it is helpful

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    I have been intrigued by bullet journals - seems like a good way to capture your thoughts and create new habits. They seem rather time consuming but that can be calming in itself, just going through the process of organizing ones thoughts

    I have been having negative, intrusive thoughts about my health (what happens if my hip never gets better? What if I end up in a wheelchair?) I'm employing the rubber band method to get out of this rut. Whenever I notice these pessimistic thoughts I snap the rubber band on my wrist and banish the thought, putting myself entirely in the moment - listening, looking, taking some deep breaths - practicing mindfulness, basically.

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