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Thread: Time lapse man building a log cabin himself in woods in Canada video

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    Time lapse man building a log cabin himself in woods in Canada video

    For your viewing pleasure...

    What one of my ancestors did. Only he dug a cellar first. I saw it.

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    668 power tools......and the way he used a saw.

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    I have been a subscriber to this man’s Channel for quite awhile. He has made great progress, is a wonderful videographer, and intends to move here with his wife. However, his wife requires more “comfortable” accommodations than he has at this time. His style of video production is rich with simplicity but he uses state of the art equipment. There seems to be a contradiction here in my opinion. But apparently, many long for this type of expression of lifestyle based on his impressive views.

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    That was awesome!
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    Someone clarify for me about cured wood. I thought that green wood would warp and shrink severely so needed to rest to cure for some time before using as he did. My ignorance about such things is showing,
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