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Thread: Another school shooting, multiple fatalities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    I don't think there is an easy fix as I think this is a multi-faceted societal problem. Those who hope for an easy fix are the ones blaming guns and the NRA and constantly referring to those who disagree with them as gun nuts.

    I've come to believe that further discussion on the subject with 'easy fixers' is pointless.
    Okay, thanks for clarifying. Calling this a multi-faceted society problem is right.

    I call the gun nuts gun nuts and I call the gun grabbers gun grabbers.
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    easy fixers are focusing on what they see as actually doable though. "We have to change the entire of U.S. society" makes one well not a pragmatist anyway. yea, yea, even if there is some truth to it. Gun control has worked some places like Australia with somewhat similar societies (ex-british afterall). But very different societies do handle things differently - I just don't' see any path here to there though.
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