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Thread: WONDERFUL customer service!!

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    WONDERFUL customer service!!

    Yesterday, my oven started on fire!!! The coil on the bottom started burning! Of course, after the oven was turned off and coil cooled ... it was totally destroyed. So, DH asks if I want a new stove. I said I would rather not so he contacted a company that we have done business with before (got water pump for washer... which extended life by 4 years). It was early afternoon and he called and made sure what he was ordering was correct. The part arrived THIS MORNING!!!!! DH already has it installed and the oven works perfectly. Now, mind you, we did not ask or pay for next day delivery. Excellent customer service!!!! $46 instead of a new stove works for me.

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    Great to hear you found great service. Yesterday I did too and the day before. Yesterday Dave Smith Appliance Repair of Toledo came out to fix oven, prompt, calls to check time and alert me when they were on the way so I could put dogs out. Service top notch once again. Second was the Lumber Yard in town. Never shopped there as grumble grumble Lowes in down the street. I walked in was met at door, explained the Door I wanted, tased to the office to measure and choose. Wow what service, guess that is why they have been there 125 years!

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    Toledo! I grew up in Fulton county.

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