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Thread: For microwave users

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    When I'm settled, I'm going to buy a lot of colorful, mismatched dishes. I've had some version of boarding house beige forever. They'll be stoneware, though. I learned my lesson with china.
    These latter posts are turning this into another thread about collecting dinnerware.. You people! I cannot walk away from a thread like this.

    So here I am with a second house and we need dishes to eat from. I have a plan and it will involve getting rid of a butt ugly set of dishes DH has been storing in our attic for 30 years. He is very domestically oriented, he had dishes when we got married. Anyway. We will use those dishes until we have completely renovated the house and then I will move them along to Goodwill.

    one thing I have been resisting is collecting all of the dinner plates at the thrift store with grape themes. You would be surprised how many there are.

    Hermann=wine country= grapes. Get it?
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    Nope! My dishes are Corelle. No problem with nuking them.

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    A few years ago I gave my daughter a couple of glass pie plates to use in the microwave- then transfer the food to the plastic dishes. Worked fine until everybody got lazy, and suddenly all three kids were eating directly out of the pie plates, so she had to get a third one!

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