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Thread: buddha bowls

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    buddha bowls

    I have no clue why these are called buddha bowls, except maybe the buddha had a begging bowl with food mixed up. Or it is cool like all the pot shops with eastern symbols on them. In any case, I am trying more of making my own mixed bowls of super healthy food. Here is what I have done or am working on (I need more sauces I think)

    Farro - BBQ tempeh, chard, yellow squash and onion

    asian noodles - mixed vegetables - edamame (ginger and siracha sauce added maybe?)

    roasted vegies - brown rice - fried egg on top

    I would like to try spaghetti squash too, but I find I like these much better at home rather than brought for lunch.

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    This past weeks my new favourite meal is something called "Egg Roll Bowl"

    Many recipes out there but basicly...ground meat, cabbage, carrots and a sauce of ginger, sesame oil, garlic
    eaten in a bowl over rice instead deep fried in a wrapping. Very tasty and the leftovers reheated well.
    I am thinking it would be good in a lettuce leaf wrap or the fried egg on top would be yummy!

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    Funny they are called Buddhist bowls. Shameless marketing to make people feel good I guess.

    My vegan daughter in law has made these for years. Basically a whole organic grain like quinoa or brown rice which she cooks in homemade vegetable broth. A scoop of beans, like pinto or black, vegetables sautéed, like onions and peppers or whatever she can get and veg protein source like seitan or tofu marinated or sautéed in olive oil infused with garlic or herbs. She uses homemade salsa, avocado, ginger, tomatoes, sprouts, soy or Worcestershire sauce, basically whatever vegan ingredients she can get her hands on. Depending on the ingredients they can taste Mexican or Asian, mild or spicy. Basically a bowl of healthy tasty food.

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    I think I read that the original Buddha Bowl was served at a particular vegetarian restaurant back in the 70s. The name stuck apparently. We make a sweet potato, black bean, brown rice bowl once a week - with avocado sauce. Topped with diced radishes and cilantro.

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    They serve these at the hospital cafeteria--lots of choices for assembly, for 4.99. All the food is great there, healthy, and a real bargain. I got to my al anon meeting there so we get dinner first.

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