Nothing wrong with hiring it out if that is what you want to do. My MIL was a hoarder but fortunately she only lived in a 2 bedroom trailer so only so much stuff you can put in there. She died unexpectedly 10 years ago and we were still working f.t. but did it ourselves. A big house is another whole issue. Ugh! My Mom asked me to help them downsize when I was 30 and she was 64 and we took 2 years to do it at our leisure. It was a fun experience doing it together. then they moved to a 2 bedroom apartment. In her late 80's she knew she was dying so disposed of lots of her stuff herself including her pics after we took what we wanted. She was a awesome lady. My Dad was very ill by 59 so she made all the decisions and he went along. If he had been well things would have been different. I imagine they would have kept the house longer although not forever because he was a practical man. I am determined not to leave a mess to my kids. My DH's kids will have to deal with his junk if I die first but right now I keep it contained but if I was gone I shutter to see what would happen to the house. My son said after all 5 kids took what they wanted he would just hire junk people to take the rest. He is the executor and not worried about it.