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Thread: sooo tired

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    sooo tired

    I need my minute of saying that. However it is okay since there are lots of good things this week.

    I have had a bad insomnia week, most people tell me to reduce my stress however the cause is not stress. The insomnia and resulting fuzziness cause more things that cause more stress (and then too much caffeine, leading to more disrupted sleep, you know). Yesterday I worked a super long day for a good reason, our choir director had a death in the family and was out of town for that when we had the big regional choir event with 7 schools that all feed to the same high school. So 2 of us supervised 35 singers for the performance. They just did the group numbers because neither of us could lead them on our own but it was still great. One parent made my day this morning when she came by to tell me how much it meant that we supervised the kids. If we hadn't done that then the kids would not have been able to participate at all. (another parent complained about our group not having their own song by themselves, but that is her issue).

    Today we are having a dismissal day on Dr. Seuss' birthday (that means I was here at 6:15 and have been directly working with kids so far). It has been super great all day, oobleck, a team builder with red solo 'cat hats', and making your own personal Dr. Seuss character. I could go to sleep in the nurse's office right now but I see that I have a lot of work items on my list, creeping towards past due!! Let's see if I can get my brain functioning in a way to look at budgets.

    Okay cute kid comment, we were talking about not sharing food because of allergies. One child said she was allergic to metal, another child questioned 'what, like the music?' maybe you had to be there

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    You made me smile, ZG! I hope you get a great night's sleep!

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    Hi Zoe girl,

    I do have also some sleepless nights, when I cannot do anything because of feeling tired but not being able to sleep as well. What I do, though, is a relaxing yoga with breathing exercise. It shuts down the thoughts, does not exhaust the body and leaves me very, very, very relaxed in the end - like floating on a cloud, if you know what I mean. Try it. It might help where anything else has failed.

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