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Wow, that rule would NEVER fly in my house. DH believes that if it's not fried in a ton of animal fat or oil, it's not worth eating.
Wouldn't fly here, either, and I don't think I've deep-fried anything in years. Some things just happen: using a hot cast-iron skillet for searing a steak; broiling pork chops occasionally releases a lot of smoke;... More to the point, I want to exhaust the moisture that comes from soups and stews and the CO produced by the gas stove. Whatever works for everyone, but that rule would not work for me even when I don't deep-fry.

I also will note that a whole-house fan is not optimized for moving that moisture (or grease) out of the house. It's far less effective than a local site-filtered fan. But if it's what you've got, it's what you've got.