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Thread: March Frugals!

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    Trying very hard to use fabric I have in the house and buy no more. I’m doing very well, made four quilts the past year with nothing added from outside the house. Have about ten quilts worth sitting in my fabric piles.
    A friend offered to let me use her accuquilt to cut scraps into usable pieces. I would never spend the hundreds of dollars to buy one, but it was really nice to crank the handle and have perfectly cut squares and triangles come out the other side. I Now have several quilt kits boxed up and ready to be sewn. In return I finished a quilt top for her that she had 75% finished but was weary of it. She was so happy. A win win.

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    Today I am trying a cold brew coffee concentrate I found at Market Basket last week. It's pretty good and I get 32 ounces of coffee for 99 cents. The coconut milk I put in it is extra.

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