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Thread: Almost at the end of my rope

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    So glad this is working! It worked for our guy with CRF and it seemed like it was too simple, but we were pleasantly surprised. Who knows what goes on in their quirky furry minds?
    Our more well mannered cat often prefers to eat in an alternate location by himself. He tells us he is hungry by standing near their usual feeding area, and then when we are getting the food, he tells us about the change in venue by walking over to the other area. He has us well trained.

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    So glad things are going so well!

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    WE also totally cater to our dogs. When one of my old Maltese decided that she was going to pee in the dining room I finally put a pee pad there. When we had company I would remove it. She once took a poop on the floor there while we were having dinner with company.

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    Glad your solution is working. At that age, it could be the start of kitty dementia as well. There are supplements for that (my elderly rescue is on Cholodin at the moment) and it may help prevent the other symptoms that usually follow, like wandering and getting lost or stuck, yowling at nothing, etc.

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