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Thread: Could this be??

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    I can only guess the picked up the information and your name from the Vet's computer???
    It has been a strange world were know everyone is looking to know us to sells us more stuff!

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    Thanks everyone. Yes, I've taped over our computer's camera.'s almost 1984 again........for real this time.
    danna....Yeah, I was wondering about that too. it's really crazy ......and scary!

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    How are your settings? Checked them often to see if FB has adjusted them again?

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    I fear these kinds of invasions of one's privacy are only going to get worse until people in the US come to grips with the problem legislatively. The laws are lagging way behind the technology. If I sent someone a letter, it's a federal crime for someone else to deliberately open it. The same isn't true if I send someone an email. (This is why I'm continually amazed at how casual people are about incriminating emails. I realized early on that you shouldn't put anything in an email you wouldn't be willing to see on the front page of the New York Times.) The only thing protecting the privacy of my gmail account is the goodwill of Google. Of course, Google swears up and down that they'll protect my privacy. And they will--until they decide not to.

    The EU has passed a law called the General Data Protection Regulation. Among its provisions are a "right be forgotten." We need something like that in the US. The kinds of creepy invasions of privacy several people have described here will only get worse until then.

    Of course, there are ways you can partially insulate yourself from data mining, like using Tor or duckduckgo. But most are hassles and/or baffling to non-techies. The government is the only entity large and powerful enough to counterbalance the tech giants. To protect your privacy now requires navigating a confusing hodgepodge of methods. What we need is to give people a simple opt-out/opt-in choice.

    This would involve government taking a courageous stand to protect rights of individuals against corporations pursuing profits through ever-more obnoxious encroachment on their personal lives. I'm not holding my breath.

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    Almost like a man made god. Omniscient(all knowing), omnipresent(present everywhere at the same time). Good thing its not omnipotent(having unlimited power; able to do anything).

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